Linkage April 12, 2013

Unfortunately, life got in the way and I wasn’t able to get up a proper post yesterday! Tomorrow will have a bit of a longer post to make up (hopefully longer – we’ll see). Today, though, I’ll just be linking everywhere and more.

If Supernatural was a sitcom I’m pretty sure it’d be an accurate reflection of my religious life right now.

Over at Aedicula Antinoi, there is a wonderful poem: “The Marriage of Paneros“. I must say that part of the reason I like it so much is because it made me laugh, multiple times, and by the end of it I was smiling like a fool because, well, I’m a fool I guess. And a sap, but all my lovers know that already (quite well).

Dver posted ‘A little rant on miasma‘ which I found useful, though I don’t consider myself a Hellenic polytheist.

On Black Fur, Black Wing, Angelica writes about being a novice urban spirit-worker, which is awesome – we need some more urban and technology loving spirit workers.

Here is a big dump of a bunch of songs that I’ve listened to as I journeyed and that are helping me compose the first mythos of the Westernlands – the main place I journey to and get religious impulses from: Rocks and Water, Radioactive (cover), Bright Lights and Cityscapes, Killer, Carol of the Bells (Pentatonix), Broken, and Invisible.

That’s gonna have to be it for today!

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