12 Adorations

12 Adorations April 10, 2013

These adorations are for a Greater Spirit – Althea Altair. Greater Spirits are always either the direct children or lovers of one of the Four Gods in the Westernlands. Althea Altair is the daughter of another Greater Spirit, Adilene, as well as the Firebird and the Clarene. She is also the spirit I referenced in my post on meaning a few days ago, who told me to sit down and stop pestering her with ‘meaning meaning meaning’.

And, even though this makes me supremely uncomfortable to write about on this site, she is a spirit that I am ‘romantically’ involved in. Though that word doesn’t properly express our relationship, it is the closest one I can find and also the one that gives the closest idea of what our relationship is like. I’ve heard various other spirit workers talk about how we need to be more open with the various relationships we have with spirits, as to open up more dialog, so I’m taking a risk and putting that information out there.

(I owe my ability to stay grounded about Althea and understand her role in the wider structure and mythos of the West to a wonderful companion, which must be noted.)

Despite our relationship, she is still, of course, a spirit, and a powerful one at that, and so I make offerings and pray to her like I would any other spirit that I wasn’t so heavily involved with. So, without further rambling:

12 Adorations of Althea Altair

I adore you red cloak

I adore you milk skin
I adore you red horn
I adore you fiery steed
I adore you disaster maker
I adore yousand crafter
I adore you crimson giver
I adore you heart holder
I adore you bowl bearer
I adore you wound wearer
I adore you wolf tamer
I adore you red woman

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