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Thinky Thoughts December 22, 2013

I’m not sure if I’ll get another post up before Reunion/Christmas, but I did want to post some thoughts that have been turning around in my brain lately. Most of these will be about posts I hope to write in 2014, since a few of them I don’t feel are appropriate to write/post during Reunion.

  • Originally I was thinking of writing a series of Tumblr posts regarding offending the Four Gods and making amends, but I’ve decided to make them longer posts for here on Patheos. I’ll be contemplating what the myths show us about human-god/spirit interactions and issues as well as my own experience having to navigate these new waters, which involved royally messing up at times.
  • I’m likely going to (re)watch The Hunger Games: Catching Fire today. The Hunger Games is one of the larger young adult franchises that everyone wants to talk about, and I’m one of those people that wants to talk about it. The way our culture has reacted to the Games says a lot of really, really interesting things.
  • Yesterday was Yule, and I think I have a newfound appreciation for Jason Pitzl-Waters’ holiday post. Acknowledging holy days seems like a great practice.
  • If you don’t like that certain posts you’re writing get the most pageviews and comments, maybe it’s time to stop writing those posts. Maybe it’s time to write something else. I don’t think people are being forced to blog about specific topics (but if they are, let me know!). Blog about what makes you happy, what you think is important, what matters to you. If you blog about something controversial, it’s to be expected that you will get lots of pageviews. Bemoaning that fact does nothing for anyone, except maybe stroking your own ego or trying to prove how ‘above it all’ you are. (But none of us are, really.)
    Write what matters to you. If you don’t think something is important – or think the people reading your blog put too much importance on something – you don’t have to write about it. I don’t write about ceremonial magic, or even magic much at all. It’s not important to me, it doesn’t really stir my brain. If I write on a topic and then decide it’s not worth the stress, or not as interesting as I previously thought, I stop writing about it – or I figure out how to write about it differently.
  •  Compassion is a really important part of this season. Because this season can be horrible for some people.
  • The thing that would make me happiest for Reunion is candy happy devotees of the Four Gods.
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