086: The Problem with the Protestant Bible (w/ Gary Michuta)

086: The Problem with the Protestant Bible (w/ Gary Michuta) November 19, 2020


In this episode of The Cordial Catholic Podcast, I’m joined by author, apologist, speaker, and radio host Gary Michuta to talk about the problem that Protestants have with their Bible.

Gary is the author, among other things, of Why Catholic Bibles Are Bigger? and in this episode we tackle, in depth, the problem that exists from Protestants trying to live “Bible alone” faith with a Bible that, as we’ll see, is missing some very important parts!

It’s a great conversation about the deuterocanonical canonical books of the Bible and their importance – as God’s Word – and what happens when they’re not in the Protestant canon. What’s missing? What’s missed? And what important theological developments are completely unknown to Protestant Christians as a result?

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