102: A Convert’s Guide to the Eucharist (w/ Dr. Scott Hahn)

102: A Convert’s Guide to the Eucharist (w/ Dr. Scott Hahn) March 24, 2021

In this episode, I’m joined by fellow Catholic convert, author, and biblical theologian Dr. Scott Hahn from the St. Paul Center for Biblical Theology to talk about the Eucharist.

In this discussion, we climb the summit from an Evangelical understanding of Communion as merely symbol up to the Catholic view of the Eucharist as the Real Presence of Christ. We discuss the transformative power and incredible reality of the sacraments and how better understanding the Old and New Covenants and typology deepens our love for the faith and our ability to evangelize!

A great conversation on the Eucharist – the centre of the life of the Church – that’s made to share with your non-Catholic friends!

For more from Dr. Hahn visit the St. Paul Center for Biblical Theology where you can find his fantastic books including The Lamb’s Supper, Consuming the Word, and The Fourth Cup.

Be sure to check out Parousia: The Bible and the Mass, streaming for free at the St. Paul Center’s website.

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