103: Mary’s Voice in the Gospel of John (w/ Dr. Michael Pakaluk)

103: Mary’s Voice in the Gospel of John (w/ Dr. Michael Pakaluk) March 31, 2021

In this episode I’m joined by Dr. Michael Pakaluk to talk about his fantastic new commentary on the Gospel of John and how we can, and should, hear Mary’s voice in the writings and recollections of John.

It’s a really interesting story which highlights the importance of Mary. As a Catholic convert, Dr. Pakaluk discusses John 6, the Eucharistic Discourse, the Wedding Supper at Cana, and many other interesting accounts – and how Mary, as John’s companion, may have offered perspective on these incidents!

A fun, frank, and really intriguing conversation!

For more from Dr. Pakaluk, check out his book Mary’s Voice in the Gospel According to John.

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