The Cordial Catholic Podcast – 011: How (Not) To Become a Catholic

The Cordial Catholic Podcast – 011: How (Not) To Become a Catholic June 12, 2019

In this episode of The Cordial Catholic Podcast, I’m joined by Dr. James Tonkowich, popular commentator on religion in the public square and a convert to Catholicism to share his essay, “How to Not Become Catholic in 9 Easy Steps.”

In aplum and charity, Dr. Tonkowich unpacks his own journey as a Presbyterian pastor into the Catholic Church and shares 9 “rules” to follow if you want to avoid his fate:

  1. Assume that all Catholics are idiots
  2. Get all your information about the Catholic faith second hand
  3. Avoid being “Deep in History”
  4. Do not read the Church Fathers
  5. Affirm the “Great Tradition” but don’t ask what’s included
  6. If you’re Evangelical–ignore the sin of schism
  7. If you’re a Mainline Protestant–assume the schism is someone else’s fault
  8. Believe the Catholic Church and the Bible don’t mix
  9. Keep insisting that Catholicism is a grace-free, works-based religion

Listen to Dr. Tonkowich share his rules on the podcast.

Dr. Tonkowich’s ebook is available for free from the Coming Home Network International.

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