012: What Catholics Believe About Salvation (w/ Dr. Michael Barber)

012: What Catholics Believe About Salvation (w/ Dr. Michael Barber) June 19, 2019

In this episode I’m joined by theologian and scripture scholar Dr. Michael P. Barber to talk about the Catholic view of salvation.

Dr. Barber’s new book Salvation: What Every Catholic Should Know was an instant bestseller and it’s no surprise. Dr. Barber talks passionately, enthusiastically, and with an intense clarity about how Catholics should understand their salvation – and how we often misunderstand it as well.

We tackle the idea that all of our works are underpinned by God’s grace – they aren’t “our works” at all – and Dr. Barber applies what I think is one of the best explanations of salvation using the illustration of infant baptism. You really need to listen to this podcast, right now!

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