The Cordial Catholic Podcast – 013: Is the Eucharist Just a Symbol?

The Cordial Catholic Podcast – 013: Is the Eucharist Just a Symbol? June 26, 2019

In this episode, I talk to Steve Ray, author, speaker, and Catholic evangelist about the Eucharist. Is it a sign and symbol like Protestants say that it is, or something more? What did the Early Church believe?

We unpack Steve’s conversion story to find out how a Bible-believing Baptist of 30 years could ever become a Catholic–and the central role of the Eucharist and the Early Church in his conversion story.

For more from Steve, visit his website at where you can find his books, extensive articles and talks, and information about his video series and pilgrimages. Steve is very, very busy and never slows down. Check out everything he’s up to and you won’t be disappointed.

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