Tonight’s the Night — Thank You!

Tonight’s the Night — Thank You! April 4, 2015
Photo Credit: Francisco Antunes.
Photo Credit: Francisco Antunes.

So, this is strange. To say the least.

This journey which has been a long time coming culminates tonight, in a way, at the Easter Vigil.

We had our rehearsal this morning, with the R.C.I.A. team, and it seemed just slightly unreal.

To be confirmed. Then to receive the Holy Eucharist. Then to be a Roman Catholic.

It feels kind of like my wedding day.

But if this is the culmination of one journey it’s the beginning of another, because there’s so much more to say, and so much more to write about. Once I become a Catholic the challenge becomes to live like one, cordially and piously.

And, also: thank you.

Over the last number of months, and especially this last week, I’ve received so many kind comments, e-mails, and notes from readers. Strangers. I can’t begin to explain what it feels like to have so many people that I don’t even know praying for me, and for my family.

Thank you.

To everyone who sent a note or left a comment, and to you, whomever you are, reading my blog. This began as a tiny little blog in a quiet corner of the Internet. Something I was writing for my friends and family to explain why I was becoming Catholic, and to explain the Catholic faith. It’s grown, by the grace of God, into something quite unexpected.

Thank you for reading. Thank you for your prayers. You have mine too, every day.

I’ll see you on the other side, friends.

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  • Anna Davidson

    Thanks for your blog. It’s been a tremendous help as I go through my own RCIA process. And now I’m off to my rehearsal for tonight…Blessings!

  • JoyInTheLord

    As my family and I assist at our Easter Vigil tonight, I will pray for you and for Anna, and for all those entering Our Father’s House in full communion.

    The Readings will start with the Creation and will recall in quite a rapid pace our history of salvation.

    There will be exultation and the voices from the choir will sound a little different. The anticipation, the excitement, the sheer joy in the air will be palpable and it is so thick you can cut it with a knife.

    After the long and ‘tiring’ prayers of the faithful at the Veneration of the Cross service of Good Friday, where, between kneeling and standing we prayed for ALL: Christians, Jews, gentiles, pagans, atheists, those who do not regard CHRiST as God, the powers-that-be, everyone —– equally loved by the Father as He gives life to everyone —- we will be in another equally long (if not longer) celebration of the Easter’s vigil tonight.

    And my heart is throbbing even as I write this post. Welcome home!

  • JoyInTheLord

    Yes, it will be like your wedding day and much more, because your soul will be wed with CHRiST! CHRiST and you will be one in the Holy Eucharist. CHRiST will unite Himself with you in that embrace:

    and he who possesseth CHRiST is wanting in nothing —St Teresa of Avila.

  • Jane McQueen

    Will be praying for you and Anna and your families tonight, and all of our new family members, especially before Communion as I remember my own baptism and reception five years ago. I say “rememberr” I was shaking so much in anticipation that the early part passed in a blur ! Welcome home and God bless you always.

  • Jill Harris

    Congratulations and God bless!!…. I stumbled on your First Confession article the night of our parish’s First Reconcilation service for our second graders and your odds brought the sacrament to new life in my life…. I’ve been following your articles ever since and read them aloud to my husband…. You are an a sing writer and your words about our true faith are surely a light to others ….. Keep up the amazing work…. And welcome home!

  • Priscilla

    Welcome Albert to the Supper of the Lord, you are indeed blessed to attend such a banquet, I try to always bear in mind that each Mass I actively participate in will help me share in the eternal one, where each day, all day is a never ending Mass and adoration of the Holy One, may you spiritual journey grow in your faith lead you closer to the Most High