8 Reasons the How I Met Your Mother Finale Was CRAP-wait for it-TASTIC

8 Reasons the How I Met Your Mother Finale Was CRAP-wait for it-TASTIC April 1, 2014


I’ve been watching How I Met Your Mother (aka HIMYM) since 2006 or school when I would binge watch via the internet in college. Over the years it has become one of my favorite shows and last night the series came to an end. To say that the ending of this show was a complete letdown would be putting it nicely. After thinking about the HIMYM finale (and how much it blew) during my morning commute, I have decided to address my issues by employing the classic Hollins tradition of list making.

(WARNING: This contains spoilers but that may be a good thing because I’m saving you 47 minutes before you too conclude that Ted is arguably the lamest character of all time but definitely on this show.)

Without further ado here are my 8 Reasons the How I Met Your Mother Finale Was CRAP-wait for it-TASTIC:

1. I realized that HIMYM is actually a mockumentary on the origin and history of one man’s insatiable thirst. Seriously, it’s just sad.

2. The reason Bob Saget was employed to do voiceover work was that the real Ted (as played by Josh Radnor) was too parched to do any speaking beyond emotionally terrorizing his friends by harping on about his relationships over the years.

3. The Yellow Umbrella > that stupid blue French Horn. The writers must’ve forgotten that.

4. While we see violation of bro code in Barney dating Robin, going after your homie’s ex-Wife is unbrogivable.

5. It is obvious that the writers forgot to promo the spin-off that will brilliantly capture Barney parenting and his teaching his daughter how to avoid all foolishness found in the playbook. Said spin-off will have occasional appearances by Aunt Lily and Uncle Marshall but not by President Dry Mouth aka Ted Mosby.

6. Even though I want to mush her in the face, how do you NOT have a final appearance of Robin as Canadian pop star Ms. Sparkles???

7. If this was how it was going to end, we could’ve just let Ted go mope in Chicago for a few years, swoop back in post-divorce and he and Robin could’ve adopted some kids. That would’ve been better than this.

8. Victoria was right all along. SMH

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