10 reasons I care about the same sex marriage rulings

10 reasons I care about the same sex marriage rulings June 26, 2013

1.  Because I’m a human being …

and I feel the pain of other human beings who have suffered isolation, discrimination, intolerance, and violence for loving the “wrong” people.

2.  Because I’m a friend of people who are homosexual …

and even Dick Cheney supports same sex marriage when someone he cares about is lesbian.

3.  Because I’m a heterosexual male …

and a step toward destigmatizing homosexuality means a step toward broadening the absurdly narrow model of (macho) male heterosexuality.

4.  Because I’m a father …

and a step toward destigmatizing homosexuality also means that, just maybe, the next time one schoolboy calls another “faggot”, the stigma will land where it should … back on the boy who said it.

5.  Because I’m a progressive …

and the imp in me enjoys every opportunity for social conservatives to make asses out of themselves.

6.  Because I’m a graduate from kindergarten …

and the first two things you learn in kindergarten are to share and play fair … and that applies to Constitutional rights as much as it does to crayons.

7.  Because I’m a lawyer …

and it’s good to see the legal system work sometimes.

8.  Because I’m a former Mormon …

and it’s about time that Prop 8 came around and bit the LDS Church in the ass.

9.  Because I’m a Pagan …

and marriage equality is a no-brainer for Pagans.

10.  Because I’m an American …

and gods-damnit, I am proud of it today!

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  • Excellent reasons one and all!

  • Julia Stearns-Smith

    Well put. And I love the equality artwork at the bottom of the article.

  • You’re a lawyer? And you just outed yourself?

    Seriously, though, at some point – either here or elsewhere – I’d be interested in your take on Scalia’s dissent, which to me seems to argue “legislatures can do whatever they want and the people’s only recourse is to elect different legislators.” To me, the majority opinion in this case is clearly right based on a plain reading of the equal protection clause of the 14th amendment.

    While religious conservatives like to claim that rights come from God and liberals like me claim that rights are inherent in our humanity, in this and in other cases, Scalia seems to argue that individual rights come only from legislatures.

    I find that troubling, both politically and philosophically.

    • >”You’re a lawyer? And you just outed yourself?”

      I know! You should have been there when I outed myself at my UU congregation! 🙂

      >”I’d be interested in your take on Scalia’s dissent …”

      Scalia is an ideologue, but he is worshipped by a lot of conservatives, as you know. I think he is the judicial equivalent of a fundamentalist. I suppose it is good his perspective is represented on the Court, but I’m glad he’s the only one. Personally, I subscribe to the approach to the judiciary suggested in the Carolene Products footnote (which is called the most famous footnote in jurisprudence) [http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/United_States_v._Carolene_Products_Co.]. Basically, it says that the job of the judiciary is to protect minorities from democracy. I have little patience for the argument that the judiciary is undemocratic. Of course it is; that’s the point! Our Constitution describes a system of government that reflects a profound distrust of democracy. Of course, democracy is the best system of government, but there have to be bulwarks against its excesses, and all the things that people hate about government that make it slow and inefficient — the filibuster, the electoral college, judicial review — work to protect us from demagoguery. That’s my 2 cents.

  • I would certainly go along with all of these, and would add that the anti-federalist in me would add, “Because it’s none of the government’s damned business anyway.”

    • Yeah, good one! Because I’m a husband … and I want the government out of my bedroom (and everyone else’s).