The first review of Godless Paganism has been published!

The first review of Godless Paganism has been published! April 7, 2016

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Scholastic Paganism has posted the first review of Godless Paganism: Voices of Non-Theistic Pagans.  If you’re wondering whether you should purchase a copy, check out the review here.  It’s not unequivocally positive, but it is laudatory and insightful.  Here are some excerpts:

cover-front-page-001-2“…  I was impressed by the book. The contributors demonstrated, in my estimation at least, that non-theists have the resources to share in the life of Paganism from a non-theistic perspective. That is to say, non-theists can sensibly and meaningfully use Pagan language, engage in Pagan practices, and incorporate Pagan values into their lives. As the authors almost unanimously attest, sharing in the life of Paganism has been enriching and important for them. … I loved hearing how good sharing in the life of Paganism has been for non-theists, and I think their testimonies should encourage and edify polytheists.”

“However, as the title also suggests, I am, ultimately, unconvinced. I think that what Godless Paganism shows is that there is a significant community of non-theists who share, and sometimes very deeply, in the life of Paganism. But, I was not convinced by the book that these folks are better characterized as Pagans than as non-theists who share in the life of Paganism.”

“Halstead indicates in the preface that the book is to foster communion, growth, hospitality and understanding; educating those with misunderstandings about non-theistic Paganism and giving the floor to those non-theists who self-identify as Pagan, but have not felt comfortable describing their views to the Pagan community. I think that by and large, the book succeeded at this.”

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