Godless Paganism is 50% off the paperback price — Buy the ebook for even less

Godless Paganism is 50% off the paperback price — Buy the ebook for even less April 8, 2016


Godless Paganism: Voices of Non-Theistic Paganism is 50% off for the paperback edition at lulu.com — which means we are selling it virtually at cost.  It won’t always be so inexpensive, so now’s a great time to buy it if you want a hard copy.

However, I encourage everyone to buy the ebook version instead.  First of all, even though it is half the sale price of the paperback copy, we make more money off of it.

But more importantly, ebooks are more environmentally responsible than paperbacks.

The production, transportation, and disposal of print books consumes trees and water, produces greenhouse gases, and releases toxic chemicals into the environment. While there are no environmentally impact-free choices for book reading, some choices are better than others. In general, e-books have less of an environmental impact than print books.

The manufacture of ebook readers constitutes the most significant percentage of the total environmental impact of ebook reading, but ebooks themselves have much less of an impact than print books. So every ebook you read on your device, instead of buying a print book, decreases the net environmental impact of choosing ebooks over print books.

According to a 2010 article in Slate, reading 18 to 23 ebooks, instead of print books, will offset the environmental cost of the production of your ebook reader over its lifetime.

Of course, the production of ebook readers still requires mining of nonrenewable minerals, and some readers contain toxic chemicals. So make sure to use your ebook reader lots, use it for as long as possible before replacing it, and then dispose of it responsibly.

Read responsibly. Choose ebooks.

And buy your copy of Godless Paganism now!


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