5 Reasons You Should NOT Sign the Pagan Environmental Statement

5 Reasons You Should NOT Sign the Pagan Environmental Statement August 29, 2016

Over 9,000 people have now signed Pagan Community Statement on the Environment.  There’s perfectly valid reasons for choosing not to sign the Pagan Community Statement on the EnvironmentThese are not among them:

1. You’re an individual and no one can make you do anything. Show those [fill in the blank] that you’re not a conformist.



2. The Statement is good, but it left out your pet issue.



3. The Earth Mother is all sweetness and light and She will protect us from the consequences of our own actions.

“Spirit of Flight” by Josephine Wall


4. You like the idea of living under water.

“Weather of the Future” by Heidi Cullen


5. We’re all doomed anyway.  So eat, drink, and be merry!

“Vomitorium” by José Luis López Galván
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