To Whomever Can Help

To Whomever Can Help December 11, 2016

Hello there!

Allow me to introduce myself. My name is Matthew J. Distefano and I am an author and Christian theologian. I’m also happily married to a wonderful woman named Lyndsay, and have one daughter, Elyse. If you know me on Facebook, you are probably aware that I write a lot. And I do. I try to publish at least one article per week, in addition to constantly working on a manuscript (or two!). Furthermore, I post a lot of random stuff on my wall too, which can lead to lengthy conversations that have the tendency to take up a lot of time. But they can be oh-so-fun, can’t they?

Anyway, while I love this work – and I do! – it doesn’t pay well. That’s just the reality. But that is where you come in.

What I am looking for are monthly donors who are willing and able to help financially, and who sincerely value what I do. But please do not feel obligated, as I completely understand that money can be very difficult to come by. So if that is in any way the case for you, I would rather you not go out of your way to contribute. Prayers and positive encouragement is more than enough aid!!! If, however, you do have the means and the desire, I would greatly appreciate any financial help. I don’t need much, just enough to get by and keep preaching the Gospel of Peace.

Truly, I cannot do this work without y’all, so from the bottom of my heart, thank you for your consideration.

To become a patron, follow this link: Patreon

Shalom, friends.


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