New Book: The Bonfire Sessions: A Year of Shadow and Flame, Out Today

New Book: The Bonfire Sessions: A Year of Shadow and Flame, Out Today April 20, 2021

The 4-booklet anthology, entitled The Bonfire Sessions: A Year of Shadow and Flame, is out today. Here’s what it’s all about:

What happens when two philosophically-minded friends sit down around a firepit to chat about life’s biggest topics? Within these pages, you’ll find out. In The Bonfire Sessions: A Year of Shadow and Flame, authors and podcasters Matthew J. Distefano and Michael Machuga give their readers a glimpse into their very real lives, modeling for others what they believe conversation should look like.

With rawness and vulnerability, as well as a large dose of salty language, this set of conversations delivers quite a punch. Sometimes funny, sometimes profound, but always honest, the two hosts of The Bonfire Sessions podcast come together to deliver the entire Year One collection of booklets that will be sure to challenge your heart, soul, and mind. So, pour your favorite drink and fill your long-stemmed pipe, and get ready for some high-quality fellowship.

You might be asking yourself, “What are others saying about this book?” Well, I’m glad you asked. Here’s just some of the buzz:

“In the midst of fake news, scripted reality TV shows, and deep fakes, Matthew J. Distefano and Michael Machuga’s The Bonfire Sessions is as authentic and real as it gets. I appreciate their down to earth conversations that are beautifully raw and filled with plenty of wisdom about life, God, theology, mental health, tragedy, and everything in between. This is a great book to pickup to learn, grow, and get a rare glimpse into what true friendship and intimacy looks like.”

~ Mark Karris, licensed therapist and author of Religious Refugees: Deconstructing Toward Spiritual and Emotional Healing

“There is a proverb that says conversation is food for the soul! I personally believe conversation is the answer to much of the world’s issues. While the theme of this book revolves around a bonfire, drinking whiskey, and working through diverse and difficult subject matter, it does so in a way that also answers many of humanity’s issues. Grab a glass, take a seat, and treat yourself to a great conversation. Your soul will thank you!”

~ Michelle Collins, heretic, gym rat, and all-around badass

“Trust me when I tell you that this book is unlike anything else you have read before. The conversations between Matthew and Michael recorded here range from deeply profound to hilariously irreverent, with a few dick jokes sprinkled along the path. But you’ll find yourself wishing you could pull up a chair and warm yourself next to this bonfire where bullshit is eternally condemned and simple truth refined until it becomes the purest gold. Worth every penny.”

~ Keith Giles, author of the “Jesus Un” series and cohost of the Heretic Happy Hour podcast

You can pick up this book by clicking this link: The Bonfire Sessions Paperback Edition

Or, by clicking the picture below:

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Matthew is a best-selling author, blogger, podcaster, long-time social worker, and hip-hop artist. He is an outspoken advocate for nonviolence, happily married, with one daughter. Outside of writing, his interests include gardening, hiking, and European football. He lives in Northern California You can read more about the author here.
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