“What If You’re Wrong?”

“What If You’re Wrong?” July 27, 2021

As someone who believes in universal restoration, I’m often asked the question, “What if you’re wrong?” Meaning, what if you’re wrong and some people are lost to an eternal hell or snuffed out of existence altogether?

Well . . .

Then that’s gonna suck.

It’s gonna suck because that means all of us who “make it” are going to have at least some of our loved ones snatched from our lives for all eternity.

Husbands, fathers, sons, wives, mothers, daughters . . . gone.

Relationships broken.

Families torn apart.

Friendships shattered.

The only saving grace is that those who make it to heaven will either have their minds wiped clear of all memories too painful to bear, or they’ll have their hearts too calloused to care.

But what kind of silver lining is this except for a distortion of who that person truly is? What are we except for our relationships? If those are suddenly destroyed, what sort of shell of our former selves do we become?

Personally, I shudder at the thought of not reconciling with my grandmother, my nonna. If she didn’t “make it,” what then happens to me? No more happy memories of her chicken cacciatore? Or her stories about accidentally smoking weed? What about my grandfather? The man who stepped in as a father-figure when my dad bailed on us? No more happy memories of watching the ‘Niners on his favorite chair, or running into his meticulously groomed Italian Cypress trees while making that diving catch? What about my high school buddies who committed suicide because their depression was too great a burden to bear? No redemption for them? No reconciling with their families who miss them so dearly?

I guess not . . .

Of course, all of this assumes I’m gonna get in. In fact, that’s always the assumption when it comes to discussions such as these. The Christian is always saved. They never consider the fact that with their doctrines of hell and destruction comes the likely chance that they are arguing for their own demise. I mean, let’s be real, Christians are no better than other people. So, if people aren’t getting in, Christians will most assuredly be included.

So, let me put this back on you, Mr. Christian: What if you’re right? Are you going to count that as a win? Are you going to laugh at those who are forever lost? Are you going to not give a shit that your loved ones are among them? Or are you gonna wish you hadn’t been right? If you aren’t a cold-hearted sociopath, I’m guessing that’s the case. You’re going to wish universal reconciliation were true because sitting for all eternity with the knowledge that not everyone you love is there with you is going to royally suck.

Think about it.

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