Christian Rock Group Declares War On Irony

Christian Rock Group Declares War On Irony February 11, 2022

Memphis, TN – Tennessee-based Christian hard rock band, Casserole, has been making waves recently, after their lead singer Jeff Crapper declared a war on irony.

At a recent concert, the tatted-up rocker halted the show for a few minutes to preach to the show goers, who were obviously quite enthused by his monologue. “I’m sick and tired of Christians trying to conform to the ways of the world,” Crapper began. “Bland rock music that can’t be distinguished from their secular counterparts. Christian leaders with secular tattoos all over their body. Where does it end?”

What has really drawn attention, and ire, from others is what he said next: “So today, I am declaring war on anyone who has pushed against the norms of Christian culture! Today, I am taking a stand for Jesus. Who’s with me?”

While the concert goers erupted in triumphant, albeit sycophantic cheers, Crapper has since faced a bit of a backlash. “Here, you have a tattooed guy who plays hard rock music bemoaning anyone who runs counter to traditional Christian culture and theology,” wrote music critic Shane Blanchard. “Does he not remember how he has faced the same outrage from Christians because of his look and taste in shitty music? I guess irony is lost on him.”

It remains to be seen whether Crapper is being sincere, or if his crusade against irony is really just a genius marketing plan. Either way, as the kids say, he has turned himself into a meme, and for that, we thank him.

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