Altmuslim is Joining Patheos

Altmuslim is Joining Patheos January 27, 2012

Brace yourself for some good change: altmuslim is joining the Patheos family.

Before Illume, before Islamicity added news and essays to its site, before Beliefnet and later Patheos and Huffington Post Religion created robust Islam sections and/or expanded their coverage of Muslims, there was altmuslim, the cutting-edge website created by Halalfire founder Shahed Amanullah. The website was developed to be “an introspective voice that helps promote a critical (and self-critical) analysis of issues regarding the Muslim world.”

In its 11 years of existence, it has done just that. From the insightful and intelligent news articles and op-ed pieces published in the months after the tragedy of 9/11 to stunning slide shows to providing incisive coverage of a plethora of issues facing Muslims, altmuslim has been the destination to feel the pulse of the American Muslim and global Muslim world.

Now altmuslim is embarking on a new, wider path in its online journey: With the blessing and support of Shahed, the site has joined Patheos, the premiere religion news and blog site on the web, as part of its Muslim Portal. With about five million monthly unique visitors, comprehensive coverage of ten faith communities (and counting), a robust faith and family portal as well as an upcoming religion news and politics portal, Patheos is committed to a global dialogue about religion and spirituality, “and to explore and experience the world’s beliefs.”

Altmuslim and Patheos have come together with a distinct purpose in mind: to continue altmuslim’s (and Shahed’s) tradition of cultivating new Muslim voices and working with the mainstream media to bring context and balance about Islam and Muslims, and to introduce altmuslim’s rich content to a multifaith audience. Altmuslim at Patheos is now part of the site’s Muslim Portal, a destination hub for in-depth news, essays, videos, podcasts, and blogs about all things Muslim.

Altmuslim is still uniquely altmuslim: check out the site at Patheos. The original look of the site is freshened up and the content is streamlined. We hope you like it and continue to come to altmuslim at Patheos for all its great content, and then take the opportunity to check out the amazing content spread throughout the Muslim Portal.

As the managing editor of the Muslim Portal at Patheos, I am happy to take the reins of altmuslim, serving as its new editor-in-chief. After covering Muslims in America for more than a decade and relying on altmuslim for news and information, I can’t believe I have the good fortune of leading it in its next stage. Please join me on this journey, and help me to make altmuslim at Patheos and the Muslim Portal the online home for Islam and Muslims.

Dilshad Ali is the editor-in-chief of altmuslim and the managing editor of the Muslim Portal at Patheos.

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