How to Help in the Philippines

How to Help in the Philippines November 11, 2013

Photo courtesy of Reuters

If you have been plugged into the grid in any way these past few days, then you must be aware of the horrible tragedy unfolding in the Philippines right now. On November 8, Typhoon Haiyan, a catastrophic typhoon three times the size of Hurricane Katrina, wreaked havoc in the Philippines. Delivering huge waves and winds of more than 180 miles per hour, this storm is identified as one of the most brutal and strongest storms to ever hit the Earth.

News reports state that nearly 10,000 are feared dead, and almost half a million people made homeless. And more than 400,000 people have been forced into 1,425 emergency evacuation centers, according to the country’s National Disaster Risk Reduction and Management Council. It is a natural disaster and crisis of epic proportions.

Help is needed, prayers are needed, money is needed. Over on Muslim Matters, writer Abez states the need most acutely:

There are an armload of places and worthy causes that need help right now, and trying to put the Philippines in some sort of tragedy competition is not the point. Shaytan would like you to believe that you can only help one people (Muslim vs. Non), or one place (Syria vs. Palestine) at a time. The truth is though, there’s no limit to how many people, how many times, or in how many places you can help. However much you help, Allāh will reward you. However much Allāh rewards you, your sins will be erased and your rank will be raised in the Aakhirah.

Here is a partial list of places accepting monetary donations. Please do whatever you can. Time is of the essence.

Red Cross – Click here to donate.

Islamic Relief USA – Click here to donate.

Islamic Relief WorldWide – Click here to donate.

Zakat Foundation of America – Click here to donate.

Global Giving – Click here to donate.

Helping Hand USA – Click here to donate.


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