5 Life Lessons from Humanitarian Abdul Sattar Edhi

 5 Life Lessons from Humanitarian Abdul Sattar Edhi July 20, 2016

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By Saud Inam

It’s been a difficult year for Muslims. We lost two great giants of change: Muhammad Ali and Abdul Sattar Edhi. These two figures were shining lights and beacons of hope, and we all have much to learn from them. They were change makers and Muslim heroes.

Our children and our youth should know Abdul Sattar Edhi, his life, his work and his impact he had on the world. I first learned of Edhi three years ago when I stumbled upon a couple of online news articles and then a documentary, These Birds Walk about Edhi’s work in Pakistan.

When I found out about Abdul-Sattar Edhi I featured him on my blog Muslim Heroes and continued to follow him and his work. There is so much we can all learn from this extraordinary humanitarian, but let’s start with these five life lessons. Please click the “continue” button to move through the slideshow.

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