10 Ways to Be an Effective Ally to the Muslim Community

10 Ways to Be an Effective Ally to the Muslim Community January 17, 2017


We live in a fast paced society and are so surrounded by different forms of media and information that we often only glance at the titles of articles or read just the information we believe we need. While we may be ready in our hearts to stand on the frontlines for our Muslim neighbors and friends, do we truly know what we are standing for? Can we articulate what Muslim Americans feel, fear and believe? Standing for minority groups begins with listening, hearing stories of discrimination suffered by members of our community, developing empathy for them, and being able to cry along with our neighbors as they share their experiences. We cannot expect to change anything any time soon if we cannot make the time to listen to those we’re standing up for.

Here are some articles about what’s like to be an American Muslim in America today, especially after Donald J. Trump won the presidential election:

What’s it like to be an American Muslim After Trump’s Election

What it is to be a Muslim in Trump’s America

What It Is Like Being Muslim in America

Also, if you don’t know how to connect with local Muslim Americans, try following some on social media. Here are some great options:

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