Life: more on those crazy Catholics

Life: more on those crazy Catholics October 6, 2005

I was raised Catholic, and so maybe I’m biased, but I seem to find plenty of nuts in their ranks. Here’s a story/website claiming that MARY IS GOD. That’s right, Mary isn’t just the mother of Jesus, the Son of God, who is magically also one with God and the Holy Spirit in the Trinity, now SHE IS GOD. Follow that?

We all laugh when Bible scholars tell us that Jesus had brothers and sisters, and back this up with ample evidence, right out of the Bible, and the Catholics still say Mary died a virgin. It’s kind of cute, to love the woman so much as to swear by the belief that she never had a man… Well, cute in that don’t-analyse-it-cause-its-Freudian-sicko-cute sort of way. According to Catholic faith, Mary didn’t even die, she just rose on up to Heaven in a beam of light (Proof of aliens, need I say more? Just kidding, they’re the wackos, not me…). But now SHE’S GOD?!?

Oh well. Come to think of it, it really isn’t nearly as crazy as supporting Bush, claiming to be ‘born-again’ (and hence all of the nasty crap you pulled off in the past was kinda by someone else), denying condoms to Africans (or anyone for that matter), telling a kid he’ll go to heaven/paradise if he straps explosives to his body or walks through a mine-field, or any of the litany of nasty things pulled off in the name of fundamentalist religions. At least the Catholics seem rather harmless in their claims… this time.

Eventually they’ll all join my Buddhist philosopher conspiracy to take over the world and establish a peaceful, vegan, ecologically benign, gender equal, socialist democracy.

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