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I Love Your Blog October 14, 2008

Many thanks to miss Vesper at Vesper’s Escape for nominating/awarding me as a loved blog. It is not only a great honor, but indeed a bit daunting to see the company I share amongst her favorites (excellent blogs all of them).

Accordingly, here are the rules:

1 – Add the logo to your blog.
2 – Add a link to the person who awarded it to you.
3 – Nominate at least 7 other bloggers.
4 – Add links to their blogs.
5 – Leave a comment for your nominees on their blogs!

In addition to having a loved blog, I get the privilege of passing it forward. So, thank you for that as well.

My nominations:

Patia Stephens: Patia is a fantastic writer and photographer in addition to being an all around great person. She juggles technology, nature, politics, and life with wonderful wit and sass. She is as great a joy to be around in person as online, often handing out muffins (or ‘cup-cakes’) with one hand while checking her email on her TREO with the other.

Jen: Jen actually makes being a parent (of four boys mind you) look fun, and dare I say a bit easy. She laughs off cleaning child-vomit from the car-seat and in the same breath discusses her most recent craft project (some of which are for sale – see her blog for details). How she or any mother finds the energy and time for so much blows me away.

Beatnikchik – aka the anonymous D. We met via the web as she ‘stocked’ me from across the Atlantic several years ago and I’ve been returning the favor as much as I could ever since. Her writing is direct, real, funny, and meaningful, some of the best I have ever read. Like me, she wants to save the world when she grows up.

Homeless Tom – Tom has been a commenter here for years now, always quick to question my dogmas or point out slip-ups in my attempt to be compassionate and wise. He also brought together the greater Buddhist-blogging community in a way no one else ever has with his weekly roundups and commentary. Today he lives amongst and advocates for the homeless of the world, drawing our eyes to a place from which we all too often turn away.

Rev. Danny Fisher – Danny is a fellow practicing academic and a super-blogger extraordinaire, gathering together wisdom and points for action from around the world, both online and off. How he finds time to read and write so much – while pursuing degrees and traveling the world – is a wonder to me.

Dharma Brother Pete – Pete is a newer addition to my blogroll, a very dedicated practitioner who is far more open and honest about his battles with addiction than anyone I can think of. He is an eloquent writer and his progress, through diligent effort, serves as wonderful inspiration.

A Buddhist Catholic – Another new addition, Deb writes of the intricacies of being both Buddhist and Catholic. She writes with kindness and wisdom gained through experience, teaching us all to look beyond labels into the heart of things.

I could go on; there are many more extremely beautiful blogs out there that I do love. Just check out my links on the right…

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