Economic clarity, ignore previous drivel

Economic clarity, ignore previous drivel November 26, 2008

Seek and ye shall find. I just stumbled across this from the BBC:

Should shopping be a patriotic duty?

It has interviews with an anti-consumerist, a consumer writer (Amanda Ford, below), a psychologist, and an economist. The anti-consumerist is the most interesting to me. The psychologist gives empty fluff. And the economist, while pro-consuming, still compares it to being on a drug. Like any good drug, he suggests, it’s not wise to just stop. We need to take it slowly, give ourselves a few years.

Amanda Ford, author of Retail Therapy: Life Lessons Learned While Shopping, has a lot of sympathy for the anti-consumerism campaigners.

“When we spend money on things that we do not need, or for that matter, really even want, we are contributing to a system that negatively impacts our physical environment, our political and social landscapes, and – most importantly, I would argue – our spiritual development.”

Hear, hear!

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