More Photos, near Philipsburg this month and some Economic drivel

More Photos, near Philipsburg this month and some Economic drivel November 26, 2008

Lacking anything very Buddhist(ic) or philosophical for the day, I’ve found some more photos to post. Oh, I did read that all is looking poorly for Tibet these days, as Britain bows to economic pressure (and China) and gives up claims to Tibet’s special status which has existed between Britain and Tibet for over a century.

I saw that Citibank is getting a huge bailout and homebuilders are now asking for money. I’m contemplating provoking students to demand our piece of the pie (bail us out of student debt! – it’s far cheaper and more effective).

Where is our country/planet going these days? The bubble burst, people’s imagined wealth is gone, now what?

As I’ve mentioned before, I feel mostly untouched by all of this economic turmoil. My savings in Britain is down in value, but it will rebound – meanwhile my tuition costs are down as much, and will go back up eventually. My job at the University is secure. All seems ok. Then I think about the government debt being racked up – mostly in the Iraq war, but now in saving drowning businesses. It’s all rather perplexing to me. Oh well. Here, look at some pretty pictures:

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