Busy life, New Blogs to Check Out

Busy life, New Blogs to Check Out May 25, 2011
Here are some new, some not-so-new blogs I’ve come across (or returned to) lately that I hope to follow in the coming months and years:
  • INDO-TIBETAN BUDDHISM: By Mr. DDZ, a cyber-friend of mine for going on 6 years now, who is currently “attempting a Ph.D. in Pali-Sanskrit-Tibetan philology & Buddhist intellectual history.” It seems to be a place for Mr. D to work out bits of thought and translations en route to that Ph.D. Lots of great stuff.
  • Love of All Wisdom: By Amod Lele. Another great academic – and another I made the acquaintance of online and then in person not too long thereafter –  contemplating philosophy from around the world (and, apparently, LARPing).
  • Speculative NonBuddhism: By Glenn Wallis. An accomplished academic and author in Buddhism, Dr. Wallis posts great ponderings on all things Buddhism (and Non-).
  • Dhamma Musings: By the Western monk, Shravasti Dhammika. He blogs regularly, giving linguistic and historical background to all things Buddhist, Indian, and Pali. (a favorite is this post on Pali insults).
  • Angry Asian Buddhist: By Arun, who does great work reminding us of the Asian face of Buddhism in America. Check out his latest post, urging us  to publish an interview with or guest post by Asian American Buddhists.
  • Madhushala: By Nella Lou (formerly of Smiling Buddhist Cabaret). Nella Lou is a long-time Buddhist practitioner, passionate reader and often pointed writer.
Okay – ’tis all for now. I’m busy as ever, working on about 3 writing projects, a book review (or 3), and spending time with my family (who just got a beautiful 7-month old yellow lab).

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