A delicate blend of science and art (photography)

A delicate blend of science and art (photography) October 15, 2012

As a lover of photography and the sheer sense of awe and wonder that arise in contemplating “the starry heavens above” I have always been drawn to photos of celestial objects. My parents had a photograph of a solar eclipse from the early ’80s hanging in the living room; and where I grew up, one didn’t have to get away from anything to lie outside in darkness under a canopy of stars.

And my photography a consistent theme has always been the sun, the moon, and the clouds. But this… This is beyond amazing:

The work is from Michael Benson, an artist who has lived a remarkable life. He moved to Slovenia during the breakup of Yugoslavia, producing a documentary of the effects of the war on the arts culture there, Predictions of Fire (1995). He has gone on to a career with close ties to science and outer space, taking part in the movement to get NASA to retrofit the Hubble Telescope not long ago – and it worked. He also spearheaded a campaign to send the International Space Station out into the planets – an idea that has yet to be taken seriously by NASA.

You can see more of his latest work at his website: http://www.kinetikonpictures.com.

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