Buddhist lama, Mingyur Rinpoche, emerges from multi-year solitary retreat

Buddhist lama, Mingyur Rinpoche, emerges from multi-year solitary retreat November 3, 2015

News out today from Tergar Learning Community:

As you know, Mingyur Rinpoche was on an extended solitary retreat in the Himalayas for the last four years. In the tradition of the great meditation masters of times past, he spent his time wandering freely with no fixed plan or agenda, meditating in caves and hermitages in remote places.

In his absence the Tergar Meditation Community continued to thrive with Tergar lamas and instructors holding meditation workshops and retreats around the world. These programs combined with our own personal practice helped us all to keep a deep connection to Rinpoche and the teachings during his absence.

We are absolutely delighted to inform you that Mingyur Rinpoche has emerged from his retreat! We were overjoyed to receive this news earlier today. As we learn more details about his plans and activities we will keep you updated.

Please check back here as this will be the first place we will post future updates, images and messages from Rinpoche.

Read more here.

See here for images and messages from Mingyur Rinpoche provided by Tergar in January of 2014.

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