Meditation Olympics – the winner might surprise you

Meditation Olympics – the winner might surprise you March 13, 2016

Capitalizing on the ongoing surge in mindfulness popularity, comedian, actor, and motivational speaker Kyle Cease has produced a witty look into meditation in the contemporary world. Borrowing the last name of my favorite figure skater, Kyle co-comments on an Olympics-styled competition between three meditators:

  • An average Joe, just starting out (rather strangely said to be from Bangladesh)
  • A super-metaphysical gadget-laiden hippyesque woman, and
  • An Asian clad with all of the Western world’s projections of what a spiritual Asian man should have, including “247 Caves meditated in” and “Knows the Dalai Lama: Yes”

Brilliantly, the ensuing “competition” highlights at least a few of the realities people face when undertaking meditation in ordinary life, with the winner announcing – rather blandly but honestly: “It was mostly just about sitting there.”

Future autobiography title?

Other funny takes on meditation can be found at:

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