American Buddhist political survey continues (a sneak peek)

American Buddhist political survey continues (a sneak peek) November 4, 2016

With just under one hundred respondents so far, the picture emerging is more in Hillary Clinton’s favor than any previous poll, especially when 3rd party contenders are removed from the equation.

november poll 2-way results

However, when asked, “In a hypothetical three-way race with Bernie Sanders as a Green Party candidate, who would you support?” things change rather dramatically, as Sanders steals a couple votes from Trump and the majority of Clinton’s. And it seems that in real life Sanders is still getting some votes as well.

Returning to the reality of a 4-way race (though ballots vary by state), when asked why people support Clinton, nearly 40% select her qualifications, while nearly 25% selected opposition to her opponent.

When asking those who supported either Stein or Johnson (Green and Libertarian Parties, respectively) for their reasons, “party platform” came out as central for both.

This is, however, just a sneak peek and the data is in flux as more people participate in the survey.

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