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Quick reference:

  1. STAR – Sorry but I really don’t like this.
  2. STARS – Acceptable, maybe, but could really use some work.
  3. STARS – Good, I like this.
  4. STARS – Great, this is wonderful.
  5. STARS – Holy Wow, Batman, incredible!

Recent Reviews:

The Way of Tenderness: Awakening Through Race, Sexuality, and Gender (March 7, 2015) 5 STARS

  • A powerful introduction to the life of a black, lesbian Buddhist in America and her work, through teachers from East and West, to see clearly into and transform systemic oppression into love and tenderness.

Practicing Compassion (Feb 10, 2015) 4 STARS

  • This short, wonderful book has practical guidance for individuals of any religion, or none at all. It is highly recommended for Buddhists and others who want to cultivate compassion in their own lives, and more so to those who want to introduce the book and teachings in a group context.

Jesus & Buddha: Practicing Across Traditions (March 18, 2013) 4 STARS

  • A great film discussing, with depth and clarity, common strands in these religions.

The Buddha Walks into a Bar (Nov. 30, 2011) 3 STARS

  • A good introduction to Buddhism and its practice for young people today.

Meditation for Multitaskers (Oct. 28, 2011) 4 STARS

  • A lot like Mindfulness to go (below). It’s a bit bigger, more in depth, and it comes with a CD though.

Mindfulness to go: How to Meditate While You’re On the Move (Sept. 17, 2011) 4 STARS

  • A simple, direct, and well written guide to mindfulness for busy people in the 21st century.

Living this life fully: the life and teachings of Munindra (August 30, 2011) 4 STARS

  • A biography of one of the great and unknown teachers behind the modern vipassana movement, with contributions from many of the West’s best known Dhamma teachers.

An American Buddhist Life: Memoirs of a Modern Dharma Pioneer (July 19, 2011) 5 STARS

  • Behind the scenes of the last 40 years of the study of American Buddhism and Buddhist Ethics, if you’re passionate about either of these academic fields you’ll love this book.

The Buddha in the Classroom (June 29, 2011) 5 STARS

  • Zen wisdom for teachers and really everyone, a must read for young teachers.

Enlightenment by David Bognar (JUNE 14, 2011) 3 STARS

  • A down-to-earth self-help book (really) with great photos well suited for the coffee table.

Bringing Progress to Paradise (APRIL 08, 2011) 3.5 STARS

  • I never actually reviewed this, as I lost touch with the author/agent. This is a wonderful adventure journal, similar to Three Cups of Tea.
  • This book is spawning a whole movement amongst contemplatives and photographers and is a great read for people interested in bringing these two aspects of life together.

Living as a River (MARCH 03, 2011) 4 STARS

  • A contemporary meditation on the Six Element Practice of Buddhism, wonderfully written with poetry, stories, and science that bring this ancient tradition into relevance for modern life.
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