Back on Patheos: A Short Update and The Plan

Back on Patheos: A Short Update and The Plan December 2, 2015

Damn, so much is happening in my life right now; I shut down my site, and then brought it back here on Patheos, I’ve moved down to Philly staying (very temporarily) with the Claiborne’s, Katie Jo and Shane, and then my landlord broke into my apartment so I unfortunately had to leave… (For forever), to top it all off I totaled my car (well, someone else who ran a red light and straight into me totaled it, but whatever), and now being in the offseason work is over til next season, so I’m still poor…

Okay, to lighten the mood and to slow down the impact of this brutal blunt force honesty, my life really is on the upswing, as terrible as the above might sound…

It’s the Holiday’s and my jump shot has never been more on point, I’m back in shape, and still yet, I’m super thankful, regardless of these trials as they are only showing themselves as opportunities; doors are opening, I’m getting PAID for my writing, I have a mentor for the first time in my life (he is a post-Christian-evangelical humanist chaplain at USC), and for the first time in a long time I’m finding good/amazing people exist that are here for myself and others in the midst of hard times. And again, I’m back writing! Well, I always write, so I guess I’m just back posting! either way…

If you’re just jumping on board now, I think you’re coming in at the best part of the story, as I’m back and it in this blogging game… And to be clear, yes, some days I’ll write about my life story, most days I won’t, as this platform is more about joining the progressing discussion than it is my personal life.

But, in other news, the last I checked the US church is still  declining, and the fastest growing religious sect is still yet “the nones” and/or those who have no religious affiliation, all the while the conversation on faith and spirituality is still yet happening, ongoing, and progressing.

I know I’m not the only one out there that struggles with the tough reality that is life. I guess what I’m saying is that I’m struggling and battling the same things you are (privilege or oppressed). I, like you, want to find meaning and purpose in the midst of the pain and suffering. And I, like you, oscillate between both love and fear, while always innately desiring connection. And, lastly, I like you am asking the uncomfortable questions our families and congregations never addressed (e.g. Is justice truly worth the cost and sacrifice of our one life? If heaven isn’t real, then where do we go and what’s the point? How can we call our conservative friends and family in, even when we’re calling them out? Is there hope for community after walking away from the Church? And, am I the only progressive watching the Kardashians?)

You know, those type of questions in which you’ll only bring to light with your best friends after you’ve had far too much to drink.

So here’s the plan…

Now that I’m officially back, I’m going to post, Monday, Wednesday, and Friday, sometimes more, but never less. And, once a week (on Monday’s) I’ll have a discussion posted with a religious, spiritual or faith leader addressing relevant topics we’re all facing today – I guess it’ll be a “podcast” of sorts  (This Monday, I’ll be chatting with the author of Rescuing Jesus: How People of Color, Women, and Queer Christians are Reclaiming Evangelicalism, Deborah Jian Lee – and I’ll let you know how to subscribe to it then).

Either way, feel free to subscribe to the blog, and I’ll see you back on Friday when I’ll be posting, “How to call people in, while simultaneously calling them out…”

Oh yeah, and for the newcomers, welcome, my names Andy.

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