What Happens to Your Brain When You Stop Believing in God?

We all have heard the statistics before (which I won’t bore you with), but, millennials are leaving the Church in droves… We are well aware of this; it’s what we’re unaware of that I want to look into a bit more; it’s the question of “What exactly happens to our brains when or if we stop believing there is a God?”   An older mentor of mine who was once a highly sought after Evangelical preacher has now turned Atheist... Read more

A Dissipating Rage Against the Machine (Correctly Dealing With Anger Towards the Church)

Dealing with an anger towards the “church”… Joy is not something handed to you; joy is something you have to fight for on a daily basis. It’s waking up every single day with a purpose, a vision, and a mission to defeat and fight against the forces of nature that want to come and take away our joy. And, to be fair, food for deeper thought, I don’t believe the universe has a consciousness; so, it’s not intentional destruction so... Read more

Returning To Sunday (Part 1 of 100)

Returning To Sunday (Part 1 of 100)…  I’ve been church shopping. There’s so much in just this one statement… Like… Am I selling out? Is this not going against everything I stand for? Will I even be accepted back? What type of church am I shopping for? Does this type of church even exist? How will I be doing this (i.e. church) differently this time around? Is this me just returning to the same toxic vicious cycle secluded in this... Read more

If We Know How to End Poverty, Why Has Poverty Not Ended?

It’s said that 45 million US citizens suffer from abject poverty; ”13.1 million children in the US are food insecure.” This is not even including the estimated 11.3 million undocumented individuals currently residing in the U.S. “We spend so much time making our living that we never have time to live our lives.” Anyone who has ever struggled simply to meet their basic needs knows how crushing the anxiety caused by this type of poverty can be; it’s misery; soul-crushing,... Read more

A Brief Note on People Who Deliberately Try to Bring You Down

The other day I was meeting with a friend and we were just chatting about how it seems as if everyone we come across is exhausted or pretending to not be exhausted. And, by “exhausted” what I really mean is depleted. Being one of these people that feel depleted to the point of exhaustion, my m.o. is to find a solution. Part of what’s so exhausting these days is the constant dodging of never ending negativity; seemingly, it’s coming from... Read more

The American Church and Our Ties to White Nationalism

To Separate the Institutionalized American Church From White Nationalism is… …like removing the beating heart of raging bigot. …like removing the bride from her groom. …like taking Batman out of the Jokers equation. …like having a Michael Jordan without his drive. “White Nationalism is a type of nationalism or pan-nationalism which holds the belief that white people are a race[1] and seeks to develop and maintain a white national identity.” What reason does the American Church have to continue on... Read more

What Jesus Meant When He Told the Disciples They Can Move Mountains With Faith As Small As a Mustard Seed

He replied, “Because you have so little faith. Truly I tell you, if you have faith as small as a mustard seed, you can say to this mountain, ‘Move from here to there,’ and it will move. Nothing will be impossible for you.” – Jesus (Matthew 17:20, NIV) As a kid I remember during bible camp trying to move a mountain with my newfound faith that was presumably (so I was told) the size of a mustard seed. It was... Read more

Heroin Addictions And Why I’m Still Not Married…

“As we all know-or should know-we can’t aim straight for happiness; rather, happiness is an accompaniment to engaging in valuable projects and developing meaningful connections with others.” There’s a guy in Philadelphia who dresses up as Hulk Hogan; full out costume; doesn’t cut any corners; yellow mustache, bandana, and even an authentic WWF Championship belt. The first time I saw him, he came barreling through Starbucks front doors, pausing, and then slowly raising his belt in the air with one hand,... Read more

Why a White Jesus is a Problematic Version of Jesus: Why and How He is a Dangerous Tyrant (Part 2)

Part 2: Why a White Jesus is So Incredibly Damaging Have you ever heard of a guy named Pete Holmes? It’s okay if you haven’t; he’s a comedian that has podcast; but his podcast isn’t comedic so much as it’s just him having two hour conversations (as opposed to interviews) with various guests. He recently brought on a priest named Richard Rohr (you can listen to the full podcast here). But, within this conversation Rohr broke down the biblical narrative... Read more

Why a White Jesus is a Problematic Version of Jesus: What is Eurocentric Theology? (Part 1)

I follow this guy on Twitter who goes by the name of “Irish Atheist” and it is so incredibly painful to read the replies, from fellow Christians, to his tweets. I’ve noticed over the years that christians love throwing at him the notion that “he just has yet to find the right church home…” Here’s the thing… One of the most annoying things friends and/or family members say to me [that still remain in the Church] is, “You must have... Read more
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