Is Your Pastor a Psychopath? (Here’s Where they Rank in the Top Ten Professions with the Most Psychopaths)

Psychopath Definition Andy Gill Patheos

On Sunday I went to my archives and reposted a guest post written by an anonymous author titled My “Affair” with a Youth Pastor, a commenter posted something interesting saying, “The clergy are in the top ten professions with the most psychopaths. It is easy to look it up on Google.” So, that’s just what I did, I Googled it.I first found the definition of a psychopath:And then I came across this post here written by Eric Barker and posted over on Time Magazines websites in which lists … [Read more...]

Four Things You Should Know Before Reading The Bible


The other day my doctor found out that I attended seminary, she was ecstatic telling me that she had a secret passion for theology and religious studies. We chatted for a while, and had a ton in common as she also identifies as a "none" (someone who does not affiliate with any particular religion, yet has grown up with a Christian background). Half way into our conversation she paused and slowly asked me what I thought about the bible. I told her I loved it, as I could tell that although she i … [Read more...]

The War On Guns: How It’s the Same Thing as the War On Drugs

This was designed by artist Matt Blease (Link to his instagram account below)

I live in the hood right now; they call it the badlands, "known for an abundance of open-air recreational drug markets and drug-related violence."[1]The other night at about 3:00am I got up to use the bathroom only to hear 5 or 6 shots (or firecrackers?) go off. The first house I stayed in there was a hole in our window; you guessed it, that was put there by a bullet. While making lunch a couple days ago I again heard a few shots raddled off, this time it was right outside my … [Read more...]

Pseudo-Pacifism: Why Privileged People Love Quoting MLK

MLK Middle Finger Picture copy

If you’re someone that is outspoken on the issue of race chances are, at one point or another, you’ve had a conversation with a so-called “pacifist” who has cited MLK as a pacifistic example. They then use MLK’s life as a means in which you need to be exactly like. This quickly turns from a back and forth dialogue to a dead-end conversation. To say that the way in which Martin Luther King, Ghandi, Jesus, or Nelson Mandela are the only options in which the marginalized can choose from when fightin … [Read more...]

How We Fight Each Other Instead of Combatting Injustice

How We Fight Each Other Instead of Combatting Injustice Andy Gill Patheos

I think fighting injustice is, unfortunately, the willingness to step into the darkness, all while shining light into its depths. In this time, it’s far too easy to get lost, losing one’s ability to navigate and process their fear of this darkness before it turns into a divisive reactionary violence (e.g. verbal, physical, emotional, etc.).I must admit, it’s sometimes easier to react, rather than to slow down and allow one’s eyes, body, and temperament to adjust.I’ve found that in this, l … [Read more...]

How the Internet is Killing American Christianity

How the Internet is Killing American Christianity Andy Gill Patheos

The question is valid, “How much more do we have to take from the church until we have had enough?” The odd part of this question is that many of those asking this are Christian’s. It seems they’re tired of distorted images defining who and what they are, and deciding how the world views them.Too many Christian’s are becoming fed up with Fox News or Pat Robertson and his 700 Club being the face of Christianity. This age of information has informed it’s constituents that evangelicalism, as we … [Read more...]

Alan Manning Chambers of Exodus International: Where He is at Since Shutting Exodus Down – Episode 003

Alan Chambers - My Exodus Andy Gill

I sat down with Alan Manning Chambers, the former president of Exodus International. He shut down the organization in     2013, in the interview he states that he came into the organization with the intention of shutting it down.Super interesting guy, very pastoral and down to earth - we chatted about why he chose to leave Exodus, the struggles he's experienced since, and where he's hoping to land in the future.You can listen below, and also follow Alan over on Twitter, Facebook, check o … [Read more...]

White Privilege is a Myth


(TL;DR - because it feels like a third of the commenters didn't read it... White privilege is not a myth, but there is a misunderstanding of what white privilege entails; yes, being white lends certain privileges, but this doesn't mean being white automatically gives you more privilege than a nonwhite.)The biggest misunderstanding of white privilege is that simply because you are white, you then automatically possess more privilege than someone who is black, Asian, Latino, i.e. “no … [Read more...]

Christian Extremists: Is Jerry Falwell White Isis?

Jerry Falwell Christian Extremism Andy Gill Patheos

Can we talk about Christian extremism for a second? How it’s unnecessarily perpetuating an “us vs. them” narrative. And seemingly, getting more and more ridiculous over the course of our existence and given Christian history.As most of you know Jerry Falwell Jr. took the stage on campus at Liberty University and called for students to arm themselves against “those Muslims” so that we can “end” them. He is echoing a rhetoric that’s seemingly all too familiar of previous leaders who incited … [Read more...]

15 Reasons Millennials [STILL] Don’t Go to Church

Millennials Church Andy Gill Patheos

I can't remember the last time I went to Church (a Sunday service). I honestly don't know many people (not just millennials) that have, Christian or not. But, I was asked a while back on a repost of an older post I wrote a few years back titled "Why I Don't Go to Church," to revisit this topic and talk about how my sensibilities have changed and since, reinterpreted these thoughts as to why I don't go to Church still. So, I gave it a bit of thought, asked even a few friends why they don't go, … [Read more...]