Barbiesavior: A Hilarious Parody Missionary Barbie Account

Barbiesavior: A Hilarious Parody Missionary Barbie Account April 28, 2016


First there was Socality Barbie, and now we have the Barbie Savior. She’s all about “Jesus. Adventures. Africa. Two worlds. One love. Babies. Beauty.” She’s admittedly “Not qualified.” But 100% “Called.” at just “20 years young.”

Because, “It’s not about me…but it kind of is.” – Barbie Savior

It’s yet another parody account, but this time poking fun at the white twenty-something evangelical millennial who just got out of Passion Conference and is ready to move to Africa, purchase a home in the inner-city of some “minority-ridden” neighborhood, and become the most humble white savior to have ever lived.

I mean, it’s funny. It definitely hits a bit too close to home, but common, it’s alright for us to laugh at ourselves a bit, right…?

She names her pet lion Aslan.

While at the same time it gets us thinking a little bit. Are missions trips more hurtful than they are helpful? Are you a missionary or are you just modern day colonizer? Is it wrong to be this person in real life? If so, what then are the correct ways to make our world a better place without coming across as one that has this white-savior industrial complex?

You can find more of her journey on becoming the most humble missionary ever here.


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