First Clip of Left Behind

First Clip of Left Behind January 30, 2014

When I heard that they were remaking Left Behind, replacing Kirk Cameron with Nic Cage, I thought it was joke and brushed it off. Then someone on Facebook posted a poster of the movie, that I assumed was photoshopped… But it’s true, as much as we don’t want it to be. It’s on Cage’s IMDB, there’s a Facebook page, billboard in NYC, and now there’s a clip from the movie… yup.

Here ya go:

Don’t lie – how many of you are going to go and see this, in theaters?

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  • BR

    I might go see it. If I don’t see it at the theater I’ll wait until it’s available. I thought Kirk Cameron played Buck though? Nicolas Cage is playing Ray (is that the characters name)? I read the entire series and loved it. Of course the books are better than the movies :) I was attached to most of the characters.

  • I will gladly watch the Cagemaster at work.