Hipster Frames and Life

Hipster Frames and Life April 16, 2012

So I packed up, quit ma’ job, left the church, and moved cross country…

But besides all that stuff life has been happening… ha. but seriously. I mean quitting, packing, moving, and the church is my past now, so weird. And its been tough to focus in on the future and what’s to come AND more importantly whats currently happening, rather then focusing in on my past and what brought me to where I’m at now (thought there will be plenty of that…)

But now that I’m outside of the “church bubble”, it feels like skies the limits, almost as if I can do anything… its weird how tough it is to remember that. I heard a cool quote the other day that went:

“The only limitations there are, are the ones we put on ourselves…”

I think that now I’m out of the church it almost feels like I have more freedom… A buddy from Southern California told me he left ministry in order to pursue ministry… definitely can relate to that a bit.

But Since all that stuff (leaving and what not), I’ve gotten two new jobs, quit one of them (probably will return to that one for the summer, waiting tables) but stayed at the other, and have continued to speak here and there… I’m not gonna lie, I kinda don’t have any money.

But on the brighter side of things:

  • I got my 2012 calendar 4 months into the year… hey, better late then never.
  • I was diagnosed with astigmatism, which blessed me with these super sweet hipster frames (as seen above)
  • More importantly, Spring is here its supposed to be 86 freaking degrees today!
  • Oh yeah and, I’m applying to grad school (whhhhaaaa…?)
But on the serious side of things, I’ve had some scary realizations recently like… holy crap, I’m 27 already! Thats like a third of way through life… I only have two thirds of my life left!
I mean, it’s really no secret, I’m pretty sure I’m in the middle of a quarter life crisis.

The other day I threw my hoody on, went down to the beach, got a bagel, and some coffee, and thought… “God whats the point of my life…”

What the hell? hahaha… but seriously God. What’s the point of my life? ;)

Skies the limit though, I did step out of the known and into the unknown, so far its been more enjoyable then not, the same feeling I had when I graduated from college yes scary, but exciting with the feeling of I can go, do, say, just about anything or anywhere I want…

So yeah I left the church, but I’m still living. This is my story…

“The only limitations there are, are the ones we put on ourselves…”

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  • Thanks for your honesty bro! Praying for God’s leading and open/closed doors.

  • thanks nick!