Is White Supremacy a Core Principle of Western Theology?

Is White Supremacy a Core Principle of Western Theology? August 23, 2018

What percent of our books on theology are written by white men?

No, honestly, I challenge someone to look up every major seminary (nationally or internationally) and check out their reading list for their required first-year courses (e.g. Systematics, Old Testament 2101, New Testament 2101, etc.).

You see, what a vast majority of us recognize as “Christianity” is not Christianity…

For instance, a basic level misconception of Christian beliefs is that our souls will go to heaven when we die… nope, that’s another religion – which is fine but, again, it’s not the religion you say you’re a part of.

And genuinely there’s no shame in not knowing that but, there is shame in not recognizing, in the information age, how or why somebody would connect Western theology to white supremacy. I hear each one of the arguments being lost in the abyss of empty white supremic ignorance…

But, there was, in fact, one gentleman who kindly asked for me to explain – and, for him… I write this post:

Let’s Begin With a Brief History…

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