Is Your Pastor a Psychopath? (Here’s Where they Rank in the Top Ten Professions with the Most Psychopaths)

Is Your Pastor a Psychopath? (Here’s Where they Rank in the Top Ten Professions with the Most Psychopaths) January 30, 2018

As you can see, “clergyperson” were listed as #8. Ironically CEO came in at #1.

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List is via “The Wisdom of Psychopaths: What Saints, Spies, and Serial Killers Can Teach Us About Success” written by Kevin Dutton

With the businessfication of the Church in which we’ve seen in our capitalistic American society, it comes as no surprise that one would suggest that many of our pastors are not pastors but rather businessmen making money by hiding behind the guise of “clergyperson.” Since, in my opinion, Constantine, the pulpit has become a symbol of power as opposed to being a means of loving the powerless.

We’ve seen it, unfortunately, used to transmit a sociopathic form of grace that only excuses theological malpractice and an emotionally abusive violence.

Before we all get tempted to get on our #NotAllPastors bandwagon, I want to point out that I agree, it’s true, not all pastors, priests, or clergypersons are psychopaths, that would be a vast unfair overgeneralization. I think it comes down to one’s answer to the question: Why do you do what you do? All while also considering that being a psychopath (or labeled as one) doesn’t make you a bad person. There has been stigmas attached to mental disorders and we as society have failed to love those stigmatized by these titles (that, in my opinion, can by highly subjective).[1]

“Disorder can only occur if there is a predetermined order, and how can the design of the human mind be determined into what is normal and what is defective?” – Dana Langston

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[1] It’s worth considering that these disorders have possibly been used in court against those who suffer from oppression. Being labeled with a disorder then disqualifies much of one’s voice or opinion. I’ve heard, that it’s used many times by male abusers in times of which women claim abuse or file for divorce. I haven’t checked the research on this, but I’m sure it’s easy to look up on google ;)

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