The Bible… Ugh…

The Bible… Ugh… March 26, 2012

For the past couple of weeks it’s almost as if my bible has been glaring at me, as it sits untouched in my book bag. Every time I look at it I swear, this supposed inanimate object, is straight judging me, for Almost completely neglecting it for only God knows how long.

photoConfession: I haven’t picked up the bible and read through it in a LONG time (too embarrassed/ashamed to admit how long)

I mean I’ve read it, I’ve skimmed it, I’ve referred to it in conversations or even on sunday mornings, and obviously have used it to do message prep.

But I haven’t marinated on what it says… in a while. I haven’t really sat down and read through it, given it time to sink in, and speak into me and my life…

The executive pastor at my former church, told us a story one sunday of when he decided for one reason or another to write his daughters a letter telling them all the things he loved about them as their father, pouring his heart out, in the most intimate detail he could find…

He then asked us (the congregation), “Imagine if after I had given my daughters these letters, and after they went off to college I found them unopened and covered with dust, essentially gone untouched…” Now, that didn’t happen to him, but the simple thought of that happening is heart breaking… You’d expect his daughters to refer back to these letters for encouragement, to put it in an accessible place, to possibly even read over so much they’d be able to recall back to word for word in times of need… holding their fathers words close to their hearts…

As I look at my bible on my desk top hanging out untouched right now, or the bible I carry around thats been sitting at the bottom of my book bag, its bothersome to think that not only our God, but someone I claim to have given his life for me (for us) wrote this book, in intimate detail to express not only who He is, but how much He loves you and I, and I’ve simply pushed it aside, allowed it to go untouched, and collect dust…

If I believe this is the inherent word of Gods, that literally, the creator of the ends of the earth provided us with the words found in these scriptures, and that this book was written for me to gain relationship with and through Him… allowing this book to sit and collect dust just. Isn’t. An option. 

I see my bible sitting at the bottom of my book bag

Hanging out on my night stand.

I have to pick it up, dig back in, read it.

Allowing it to sit and go unread isn’t an option.

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  • Nickfarr

    Love this! Thank you for your honesty!

  • Len

    thats soo real!!! dont know how long its been since i really spent time in the Word, with no other reason but to connect. Good stuff.