Were Concealed Weapons Standard Practice for Men During Jesus’ Time?

Were Concealed Weapons Standard Practice for Men During Jesus’ Time? April 12, 2018

Why were the disciples told to buy such WEAPONS?

I mean, in defense of Peter (not that he deserves to be defended at this point in the narrative) Jesus is saying two contradicting things:

“. . . for all those who take up the sword shall perish by the sword” (Matthew 26:52, NASB).

“’Put your sword back in its place,’ Jesus said to him . . .” (Matthew 26:52, NIV)

These were young passionately driven men. They were zealots, tent makers, fisherman, and therefore (so we’re told) they were mostly uneducated. How would they know Jesus, a Scribe, was referencing Isaiah 53? Even with an iPhone in hand and Biblegateway readily available for us all to make only a couple clicks that references what Christ was referring to… we’re still clueless… or, at least I am.

Let’s unpack this… and, if anything you can just enjoy the ridiculous pictures, banners, and memes I found when “researching” this topic because, the internet.

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