What Exactly Was Jesus’ Relationship With Prostitutes…?

What Exactly Was Jesus’ Relationship With Prostitutes…? May 2, 2018


What Exactly Was Jesus’ Relationship With Prostitutes…?

“Christians need to decide if Jesus had genitals, and if so, whether he used them.”

Have you ever wondered what kind of social life Jesus had…? I haven’t really thought about it too much because, well, when I hear “social life” I think of a life apart from your job.

Jesus was a carpenter, apart from his carpentry, what we read about in the four canonical gospels, that is His “social life.” (i.e. His life apart from His job).

Of course, we love to mythologize and expound upon what has mostly been motivated out of conjecture and day-dreaming (e.g. The idea of Him being married to Mary Magdalene, etc.). Some of it’s fun; while other parts of this form of conjecture can be quite dangerously damaging.

There’s very little about our popularized sexual ethic that’s biblical.

But what many of us fail to see is how our American version of Jesus is more of a myth than a loving Jesus who happened to be sexually active.

(I know, take a moment to process that…) It takes most of us a moment because we’ve inadvertently been taught pre-marital sexual activity is somehow unloving.

Just using the four canonical gospels as my reference two things are seemingly incontrovertibly clear:

  1. He had a liberal view of the Torah and,
  2. He had an affinity for the “prostitute.

So, really, it’s not a question as to whether or not Jesus had an affinity for prostitutes (He did); it’s a question of what type of relationship he had with these prostitutes.

But, First… Why Was Jesus Around Prostitutes to Begin With…?

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