#ldsconf Saturday Morning Session Open Thread: What Happens in Vegas…Stays in Vegas Session

#ldsconf Saturday Morning Session Open Thread: What Happens in Vegas…Stays in Vegas Session October 5, 2013

Watch Conference here online or on BYU-TV.

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This is our first General Conference since moving to Las Vegas. We are not used to tuning in at 9 a.m.

President Eyring is conducting.

President Monson is starting us off with Elder Hales on deck.

President Monson stated that the LDS Church now has more than 15 million members.

Elder Robert D. Hales:

Elder Hales talking about the history of gatherings of Saints throughout history.

Elder Hales emphasizes that we should not assume that General Conference is over the heads of our children.

Teachings may conflict with our social views and even our social life.

Pres. Monson has encouraged us to re-visit and study the talks when they come out in print.

Conference will be watch in 95 days. Within days available online.

Elder Ulisses Soares:

As we take Christ’s name upon us we are expected to take his attributes upon us.

Christ-like attributes are a gift from God.

Each day, we try to improve on the previous.

Another element of being meek is learning to control of temper.

Christ is the ultimate witness of meekness.

Sister Carole Stephens:

Holy Ghost is for men and women. Men and women are blessed equally in the temple.

All men and women have access to the Power of God.

Power, God’s power.

(NOTE: These are just my notes…not a full reporting. Watch and take your own notes!)

Elder Edward Dube:

The gospel is a life-long commitment to discipleship.

“Faith is always pointing to the future.”

May we all united in bringing about the immortality and eternal life of men. “It is not so much what we have done, but where we are willing to go.”

Elder David A. Bednar:

Law of Tithing.

Many of the blessings are subtle.

Window of heaven is instructive because window allow light.

“Sometimes we ask for success and he gives us physical stamina.”

That whole part of the talk we great (note to self to find the whole transcript of that part.

“Your devotion make me more devoted.”

An emotional appreciation for the tithes of the members of the Church.

Church is vigilant is caring for the widow’s mite.

President Dieter F. Uchtdorf:

Why would anyone join a Church that requires so much of it’s members?

“Sometimes we volunteer. Sometimes we ARE volunteered.”

The reasons that people leave are not that simple.

There has been mistakes in our history by member and leader.

God is perfect. His doctrine is pure. He works through imperfect people. Us.

“My Dear Friends: There is a place for you here.”

There is room for doubt.

There are few member who have not wrestled with difficult questions.

What if I do not fit in? That might be a blessing. Our diversity is a strength.

If you define hypocrites as somebody who does not live up perfectly to what they believe. We are all hypocrites.

There is room for you here. Join with us.

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