10 Things You Probably Shouldn’t Say to Moms of Boys

10 Things You Probably Shouldn’t Say to Moms of Boys January 29, 2015


When I was about twelve years old, I told my mom that I thought God would make me a mother of boys someday.  Boy oh boy, was I right!!

I am days away from having our FOURTH bouncing boy, and I have certainly received some funny responses from people when I tell them the news.


Having four boys, with no girls in the mix or on the horizon, is somewhat of a novelty.  Believe me, I had to overcome my initial shock at the prospect of so many males in my household.  As I have been out and about with my three boys, sporting my huge pregnant belly, I have received some interesting comments, usually from curious strangers.   The obvious first question I get is, “So, are you finally having a girl?”.  When I explain that we are having yet another boy, and this pregnancy will most likely be our last, the responses become rather amusing and sometimes downright depressing.  So, after chatting with some other fellow moms who only have sons and gleaning from personal experience, I’ve complied a list of 10 things that you probably SHOULD NOT say to mothers of boys:


1. “You’re lucky; boys are so much easier than girls.”

Really?!  My boys have torn my cornea FIVE times…forcing me to wear eye patches…due to engaging in their physical play.  I wouldn’t consider that EASY.


2. “Well, boys love their mommies.”

Um, do girls not love their mommies as well?


3.  “Don’t worry, you’ll have daughters-in-law some day.”

Yes, we so look forward to embracing our daughters-in-law someday, but that is hardly the same thing as raising a little girl. Sheesh!


4.  “Bless your heart.”

Thank you.  I will take all the blessings I can get.


5. “Well, aren’t you the Queen of your household!”

Funny, I feel more like a referee…or maybe a monkey trainer.


6.  “Be glad you only have boys.  You won’t have to deal with as much drama in your home.”

Please tell this to my emotionally charged nine year old who just cried over not getting the particular airsoft gun he wanted.  I guess it is more of a personality thing than a gender thing.


For a funny read on a dramatic parenting moment, check out  “3 Lessons Learned from a Total Mommy Meltdown”.


7.  “Boys are so much cheaper than girls.”

Really?  When you add up all the sports fees, hobby costs, and name brand socks and tennis shoes that boys seem to want these days, boys aren’t cheap at all.  Oh, did I mention the crazy amount of food consumption in our home?


8.   “You’ll have so much more peace and quiet when they leave home, because boys don’t come around as much…or call.”

Wow, that’s something to look forward to….(tear, sniffle).


9.  “Boys will respect your privacy more.”

Nope.  Mommy’s bathroom breaks are their favorite time to chat it up…at least in this season while they are little.  Sometimes they even ask to see what’s inside the bowl when I’m finished.  Yeah, no privacy here.


10.  “Who’s going to look after you when you are old or ill?  Maybe you will have a nice daughter-in-law to do the job.”

Yikes!  My husband and I vowed to lean on each other when we are old or sick, but we also want to teach our boys that we each have a responsibility to do our part in caring for others, including aging parents.  I certainly don’t consider that a female-only role or responsibility.


With all of that said, I love my boys to the moon and back and feel tremendously blessed to have each of them.  I love being their mommy.  Let’s face it; motherhood is a challenge whether you have boys or girls, but it is worth every minute…no matter what anyone may tell you.




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