5 Ways to Show Your Spouse LOVE AND GRATITUDE

5 Ways to Show Your Spouse LOVE AND GRATITUDE November 17, 2016


Gratitude is vital in marriage.  Yet, many of us assume that our spouse knows that we are thankful for him/her and what he/she does for us.  But, assumptions lead to frustration and misunderstanding.  So, it’s extremely important that we show our spouse how thankful we are for him/her regularly and often.  Here are 5 practical ways to show your spouse how thankful you are for him/her.


  1.  Tell your spouse SPECIFIC things about him/her that you are thankful for.

Saying, “Thank you,” is great, but following that “Thank you” with a specific description is even better.  Here’s an example of how this looks…

My husband is so sweet about making sure that my car is filled up with gas, because I’m honestly terrible about letting it run on empty.  I want Dave to know how much this means to me, so I will usually thank him by saying something like, “Sweetie, thank you so much for putting gas in my car today.  You are so thoughtful to do that, and it makes me feel cared for.  It also saves me a lot of time, and I really appreciate you taking your time to take care of that for me. ”  Every time I thank him, he can’t help but smile.  Appreciation goes a long way in cultivating a strong marriage.

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