6 Things Your Wife Says to You that She Might Not Actually Mean

6 Things Your Wife Says to You that She Might Not Actually Mean November 25, 2017


You know that old John Mayer song, “Say What You Mean to Say”? It’s so simple, yet profound, right? Why is it so hard to simply say what we actually mean at times? And, why is this especially tricky in a marriage?

Whether we are trying to be polite or avoid a statement that just sounds too blunt, we can often end up completely confusing our spouses with our loaded lingo.  Then, we get upset when he responds to what we actually said instead of what we were meaning.   Men can certainly be guilty of saying things they don’t really mean as well, but I will have to challenge my hubby to cover that territory and enlighten us on some of those in a future blog post.

As I have said in previous posts…when we are married, we get ourselves in big trouble when we expect our spouses to read our minds…although, let’s be honest…it would be awesome if we both could. I have certainly made this mistake a time or two…or three…okay, but who’s counting, really?  The bottom line is communication is already hard enough that we don’t need to have a kind of female code language, but nevertheless, we often do.  Are you with me?  If not, then, you are ahead of the rest of us.  Way to go.  If you are catching my drift, then the following statements may ring a bell.  Let’s throw our husbands a bone here and fill them in on our secret verbiage.  Husbands, here are 6 things women say but rarely mean (in no particular order).

This first one is dangerous territory…

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