AskAngus1: What’s on your Magickal Mind?

AskAngus1: What’s on your Magickal Mind? February 26, 2013


Well, hello there! Glad you could make it. Grab a corn fritter and pour yourself a tall glass of Strawberry Quik. Put your feet up; Set a Spell……..

This blog is all about interaction. You ask the questions, I provide the answers, you go away with +1 Fabulousness – and I eat up all the leftover corn fritters.

In old media terminology Ask Angus would have been called an ‘Advice Column’. But here, now, in the Post-Everything headlong meme-an-hour paradigm of New Media we are going to call this an ‘Advice Column’.

‘Cuz this is not my first time doing this. I’ve been around the rodeo several times, paid my dues draped over the apple barrel, and taken my turns as a turnbuckle.

For 4 years I was the “Sage Advisor” at Community Seed Magazine, fielding all manner of pop flies, line drives and ducksnorts, answering questions from both professionals and brand-spanking-newbies; covering arcane sigil lore, pronunciation of standard altar items, ancient conspiracies, and whining about the morality of love spells.

Oddly, the older I get the more I resemble this character.

I welcomed and loved it all. Then the magazine went all pear-shaped and was found floating at the top of the tank one morning. Ah the preciously combustible half-life of a Periodical!

Oh, I am forgetting my manners: Introductions are in order. You must be Dear Constant Reader. I am Angus, a simple writer, musician, sculptor and triathlete. I have been working the Craft of the Wise since 1996, when I had the most dramatic, spontaneous, involuntary initiation that I have ever heard of. Very pleased to have met you. Another corn fritter?

Here’s how this whole ‘advice column’ thingie is gonna work. Listen up.

  1. Think up a question. Ideally this would be something Paganish, but I’ll entertain all manner of incoming missives.
  2. Type it into some sort of device and mail it off to (I will be closely monitoring the comments of my posts, so you can ask there too.)
  3. Wait patiently. Go make yourself some Strawberry Quik or something.
  4. SEE your name in print! THRILL as I answer your question! MARVEL at how Wise/Awesome/Altruistic/Clever/Mancandyish I am. SHARE the post with everyone you have ever crossed paths with.
  5. Think up more questions!!!

Very Important note: If you do NOT want to see your name in print, that is totally fine. Just say as much, or make up a fakey name. Some questions are of a sensitive nature, and I do not wish to embarrass (or ‘out’) anyone.

Stuck for ideas? No problem. Check out THIS post from my personal blog, ANGUS-LAND for some prompts.

That post netted several interesting items, which we will now get to, just as soon as I can convince the WordPress Gremlins to show me who to make the appropriate sacrifices to in order to get this website to actually hoist this post over the wall and out into the world.

Wish me my luck and I will wish you yours.

Very glad to have made your acquiantance. Let’s get crackin’, eh?


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