The Secret to Being a Wife He Adores

The Secret to Being a Wife He Adores June 19, 2017
"What if you tried what you mentioned above but he continues his way?"

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Think Before You Ask
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Think Before You Ask
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Think Before You Ask

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  • Valerie

    “Men have a deep, emotional desire to be a good husband and make their wives happy.“ Someone’s gotta start teaching the men how to make their wives happy and stop telling wives that they’re doing it all wrong. Wives need a hand so they’re not doing it all in the first place. Shaunti, my Christian spirit is not in agreement with some of your teaching. There is a disconnect here and in a lot of your articles. Women aren’t the bad guys. And men aren’t either. Men were created to act and women to react. You can’t expect to teach women these things without holding men accountable to why their women are the way they are in the first place. Please provide balanced articles to prevent exasperation. Thank you.

  • Dragonslayer666

    Men do want to make their wives happy but we men get exasperated when our wives choose to be unhappy and are nit picky when we try to take things off our wives plates. Men would do more if women would stop telling us we are doing everything wrong. Men throw their hands up and say do it yourself then. Our current society tells us men are useless and the enemy and women can do no wrong so I get why she writes the articles the way she does.

  • Chappy Diver