Husbands — Not So Fast With The Intimacy After An Argument

Husbands — Not So Fast With The Intimacy After An Argument July 5, 2018

It started off as a nice Saturday, right? Doing yard work together, going for a walk, and even a sitter scheduled for the evening. But then it seemed to go south fast with an argument about paying off the credit card versus taking a vacation at the lake. You want to get your finances under control and she wants to spend time as a family away at your favorite getaway spot. You think she spends money too frivolously and she says you work too much and don’t value relationships over the budget. For now, you agree to disagree but you’re both steaming. 

But guys, you’re eventually ready to cool off and mend the relationship. What better way to make up than to spend a little intimate time together, right? Just one little problem, though: physical intimacy is the farthest thing from her mind. What’s the deal?

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